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tales of symphonia
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About this journal
A dream that lasted a lifetime
Hello, and welcome to the livejournal community for the game Tales of Symphonia.

"Always, somewhere in my heart
I've been looking for you
The person who will tell me I'm fine the way I am."

--Negai; Tales of Symphonia OVA ED
If you have any questions, complaints etc. please contact one of the community maintainers. Thank you.

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free imperial knight (ﻓﺮﺢ) [userpic]

68 x Tales of the Abyss
71 x Tales of Graces

33 x Tales of Symphonia

Solo [1 - 25] Sheena, Genis, Mithos, Colette, Lloyd, Zelos
Group [26 - 33] ColetteLloyd, ZelosColetteLloyd, ZelosLloyd, ColetteZelos
34 x Tales of Vesperia
75 x Tales of Xillia
24 x Other Tales

Tales Crossovers [EstelleColetteSophie]
20 x Plurk [Lloyd, Colette, EstelleColetteSophie]

here @ dreamwidth

free imperial knight (ﻓﺮﺢ) [userpic]

112 x Tales of the Abyss [Luke, Natalia, Guy, Asch, Tear, Ion, Nebilim, Sync, Anise, Dist, the Tartarus, groups and pairs]
37 x Tales of Vesperia [Yuri, Raven, Flynn, Duke, Sodia, Patty, Judith, groups and pairs]
54 x Tales of Symphonia [Colette, Sheena, Lloyd, Mithos, Seles, Lloyd&Colette, Mithos&Martel, Colette&Zelos, Seles&Sheena, Seles&Zelos, Sheena&Zelos, Kratos&Colette, Lloyd&Zelos&Colette, Party]
2 x Plurk [Symphonia Party, Yuri]


here on DW

Fiat Lux [userpic]

Come and support our beloved Colette (and Luke from Abyss) in this years anime character tournament!

candysweett [userpic]

Hi! i'm selling some rubber straps from the tales of series! :)
click here for the items

don't call my name。 [userpic]


Come show your love for Tales of Symphonia and make icons!

Manna [userpic]

Hey Tales folks! I see this community is pretty quiet, which is understandable. I hope nobody minds me posting here. :)

I haven't played the game in years-- I've been meaning to bust it out, and I think I will this weekend!-- but randomly someone over at FandomSecrets made a secret about Raine, and I thought, oh hey, I really loved that game, I used to write fanfiction for it, I wonder how things are going?

Well, it's quiet. :( I haven't touched Tales fandom in years, at least, I haven't actively participated in anything, though I did write a 'fic here and there for friends. I'm actually hoping there's a secret hidden niche of fanfic here on Livejournal that I could be pointed to.

You see, I'm a Regal/Raine fan, and the amount of fic is...erm...lacking. I fully intend to fix this horrid betrayal of awesomeness (lol), but that will have to wait until I finish the game again. I'm afraid my memory is not what it used to be. Does anyone know of any Regal/Raine fic that isn't posted to FFN? Cause five of those are mine anyway, and I've read the rest. :(

Fanart would be appreciated too, but I'm mostly after 'fic! :D


Also, out of curiosity, what do you folks think of the OVAs?

Ruth [userpic]

A shameless plug for my Tales of Symphonia fanfcition. Read and enjoy.

Title: Aftertales
Rating: T
Synopsis (As it is on fanfiction.net): Exspheres have been rediscovered after a 300 year peace. Curiosity fuels the government, and anyone lacking identification can be taken away for 'experimentation'.

There are up to 19 Chapters on the Pit, so yeah.
Luin, named after its unfettered resolve to be rebuilt after any great disaster, was always a fairly prosperous town...Collapse )

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Karen Zach Wang [userpic]

Hey everyone! I'm selling some of my Tales of Friends volume 1-3 extras! The link below is to my tumblr posts about the straps and the buttons respectively.

Tales of Friends Straps:

Tales of Symphonia and Abyss Buttons:

Thanks so much everyone! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at iamacoyfish at gmail dot com.

Ashmee [userpic]


Haley Jane [userpic]

Tales of T-shirts on sale here!

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